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Try to book day tickets, unsold tickets or returns
Visit the theatre box office of the show you are interested in. If you are lucky, there may be a cheap ticket for a performance on that day. Tip: Try a theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, if your first choice fails try a nearby theatre.

Book a package deal
Hotel/meal deal offers usually offer great value.

Try a lesser known theatre or show
The money they save on marketing and famous actors can mean cheaper tickets.

Preview performances are often cheaper
What is a preview performance? These are performances before the show’s opening night. Producers use preview shows to make improvements before the opening night.

Book a matinee/weekday performance
These are sometimes cheaper compared to weekend performances.

Book a ticket during Kids Week
Despite its name, Kids Week is a promotion that runs throughout August and grants children aged 16 or under free entry when an accompanying adult pays full price. This promotion is only valid at participating shows.

Get a restricted view seat
These can be much cheaper, but may mean that you miss key moments of the show.

Depending on the theatre, discounts are sometimes available if you are over 60, registered disabled, unemployed or a full-time student.

Win the Book Of Mormon Lottery
Get a £20 ticket through an online lottery draw via the official website. Find out how to enter the lottery draw here.

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